Friday, April 19, 2013

Treasures of the Lighthouse

Photos: By Liudmila Peña

During a journalistic travel I had the opportunity to meet the oldest treasure of Lucrecia Cape.

The beauty of  Lucrecia Cape is just comparable with legends of coursaries and pirates of the Caribbean Sea

This tower has more of 140 years old

Far away from, in tower of the lighthouse the visitors can take photographies of great ships and the beauties of  the north coastline of Banes, Cuba. 
Miguel Chacon is the lighthouse-keeper, who lives  in the lighthouse more time ago that the others. He invited me to have a dinner where the main course was salmon. 

And, obviously, he cooked.

Life in the lighthouse allows Chacon the care for their animals as if he were in your own home.

At night the lighthouse is just surrounded of sea and darkness. Its light is the only one there is in all of the place.

Thus it is that Chacon put to work the lighthouse.

The headlight lens

Sunrise at Lucrecia Cape.

From the top of the lighthouse, it seems as if you could touch the sunrise.

Lighthouse has an auxiliary light to be used if the the headlight lens fail.

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